one thing is needful


I have to sacrifice, and sometimes it feels really hard to sacrifice the things that I want and the things that feel so important. But I try to remember that sacrifice is giving up one thing for something else that is better. Sometimes I’m so inclined to focus on what I’m giving up that I forget to see what I’m gaining. When I focus on the end result, I’m much more able to make that sacrifice.

I am often still unwilling to make those small, daily sacrifices. The bigger sacrifices of staying home to take care of my kids, driving over a half hour to church every week, or quitting a job have seemed easy in comparison to small sacrifices like spending a minute in prayer or turning off the computer. I have quit my job quickly and easily, but I often quit my web browser very slowly and reluctantly.

When I fail to sacrifice, I find myself stuck with a small, limited picture of what my life could be. I have to learn how to say no so I can say yes to other, better things. Some days, I really want to sleep in and do the bare minimum possible to get by. I’m miserable on those days, and it’s not really what I want my life to look like at all. I want to be able to give up what is easy to do what is right, to have the life that God wants for me. And sometimes I have to sacrifice really good things, in order to find that one thing that is needful.

I don’t want to be like Martha was, so caught up in good things that I forget to actual do the one thing I need to do. I don’t want to trade living water for normal water or the bread of life for ordinary bread.

It can be hard. But making the choice is the only difficult when I’m focused on what I’m giving up, focused on trying to find the easy way, instead of looking at what I’m gaining by sacrificing to live a better life, and choose that one thing.

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