one thing is needful

Changing plans

I have found that many things that I find important are not important to God. And so I have had to change my plans. I’ve removed goals from my list, such as travelling the world or publishing award-winning books—because they were distractions, not what I really wanted my life to look like. And I’ve had to make decisions to switch where I was heading in life so that I could better follow what was needful.

For a few years, I stopped writing novels. After years without success, I was wondering if that was really the direction I needed to head. So I took a break. I thought that I might never write fiction again. While I did write fiction again, it was with a different attitude. I didn’t need the success that I had craved before—and my writing changed. I never published a book like I thought I would, but it also no longer mattered. My goal of becoming a best-selling novelist was no longer there. I was on a better path, one that was more right for me.

I still have goals. And I still have long lists of things I need to do. I worry. I make mistakes. I’m not going to spend every moment of every day reading scriptures, saying prayers, or serving others. There were still be a lot of things in my life that don’t seem very needful—like watching television, going hiking, or going out to eat. I’m not going to be perfect all at once—but I can keep trying to remember Jesus Christ more and think of him when I make decisions.

Sometimes, I must change my plans dramatically; sometimes I must change a few small things. What I’m aiming for is gradual and consistent improvement that is bring me close to the one thing.

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