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Treasures of Heaven

When I have been focused more on Jesus Christ, a lot of things that I thought were important simply don’t matter anymore. There are a lot of treasures of the world that seem really appealing—more income, more savings, better stuff, nicer house, more followers—and they aren’t necessarily bad things, unless they become too important and I become overly focused on them. I have a limited amount of time and resources, so I will need to make sacrifices in order to choose the important things that could easily be ignored.

If I don’t actively choose to focus on Jesus Christ, then often I am choosing not to follow him. The treasures of the world surround me daily—they look appealing, easy, and fun. But the treasures of heaven will bring me a lasting happiness.


  • Spend some time planning and pondering on your priorities, with the perspective of trying to come closer to Jesus Christ.
  • Spend more time listening to or reading the words of the Savior, like Mary did.
  • Write down a single mission statement for your life that helps you remember what is most important.
  • Look at how you are allocating your time and money and determine what can be eliminated or sacrificed in order to choose the better part. For example, maybe eliminate time spent shopping, spending money on cable television, or checking social media.
  • Read and ponder Matthew 5.

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