26. How do I keep a journal?

I’ve been journaling (almost) every day for years now. Here are some things I’ve learned:

  • Don’t worry about the quality of writing. Just stick something down.
  • I like going back and filling in any days that I missed instead of just trying to do it every day without fail.
  • I write many different types of entries. Some are short records of what happened. Sometimes it’s more about how I feel. Sometimes it is long and rambling about everything I have in my mind. Sometimes it’s more focused on people around me. Sometimes it’s about my goals and dreams.
  • Realize the purpose of the journal: my journal is more about the act of journaling than making a finished product. Most of it I don’t think anyone will ever read again. But I also enjoy it if I need to reference something or I want to remember about what happened years ago. My journal is a product for me, not for anyone else.
  • Sometimes, I use it as a way to record stories and to record the Lord’s hand in my life. Those are what I would like to journal about all the time, but I’m okay if it only happens on occasion and most of my journal is just lists and whatever small thing is on my mind.
  • I type my journal on the computer. I don’t like writing on paper, so this just makes it easier for me.

How do you journal? What works for you? What is difficult for you?


  1. I have two a scripture journal and a night/gratitude journal. But sometimes I forget to write what is happening. Writing is so good for mental health, even if it is sporadic.

  2. I love having computers/phones to write on. Evernote, Notion, or One Note are awesome and using tags to keep track of things I want to return to.

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