Hoyt Family in 2022

Hi there! 2022 was a good year for us.

Dillon worked at the State of Utah in the Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office. He is the planning program manager there and had some great projects this year, including a public education campaign and revisions to the state resource management plan.

Heather started graduate school at the University of Utah, and she is now working towards her PhD in philosophy. This fall was her first semester and she loved it.

Mae is now in sixth grade. Over the last year, she has done tumbling, swimming, rock climbing, and dance, and recently started ski lessons.

Bo is in fourth grade. He loves basketball, played some baseball, learned a bit of karate, and is now learning to snowboard. He also loves Pokémon, Minecraft, video games, and books about war.

Sam is in second grade. He enjoyed some karate and also did some soccer. His favorite thing is making crafts with cardboard. He loves turtles, Pokémon, and Minecraft.

Ella graduated from preschool and started kindergarten. She is learning to read and loves it. She has made a lot of new friends this year, and she loves to do art projects.

We are still working on our home renovation, but we will be finished in the next few months! We completed the following projects this year: laundry room, toy room, flooring, bathroom, bookshelf wall/Murphy bed, outside clubhouse, inground trampoline, grading and drainage, pond maintenance, walls in the main part of our house, and we should be done with all the bedrooms at the end of the year. (Next year: ceiling, pantry, trim work. And lots to do outside in the yard.)

We went on vacation to Lake Tahoe, the redwoods, the beach, and Crater Lake. And we did other fun things, including hiking, fishing, piano lessons, swim lessons, going to Timpanogos Cave, having fun birthday parties, going to a baseball game, canoeing, camping, going to the library, going to parades, reunions, a trampoline park, Lava Hot Springs, a concert, hunting, and a corn maze. And we watched lots of movies. And got a new cat.

I know we have been very blessed.