Christmas Fundraiser

For Christmas, the Hoyt kids are doing a move-a-thon fundraiser. On Tuesday, December 15, the kids are trying to move as much as they can for one hour by completing cartwheels, jumping jacks, hand stands, and somersaults.

For every cartwheel/jumping jack/hand stand/somersault, I will be donating 15 cents to WaterAid. They picked that charity because they wanted to help give clean water to hospitals, and they are trying to earn $125 to buy a handwashing station.

We are seeking out pledges! Please fill out the contact form below with your pledge. You can donate to WaterAid or to a charity of your choice. I will email you after we have completed our move-a-thon with how many cartwheels/jumping jacks/somersaults that the kids have completed, and then you can make the donation directly to the charity.

Thank you for your support!