Teleporting, Invisibility, and Other Marital Problems

When Ned shows up after disappearing for months, Nancy discovers that he can now teleport and turn invisible. The only thing to do is to marry him and try to make him a hero. But Nancy’s new adventure turns into problems like unemployment, eviction, and loneliness. Nancy desperately wants her life to be extraordinary. But Ned just wants to be normal. As Ned’s superpowers become increasingly problematic, they both must decide what they are willing to sacrifice to make their life together work.

Super Strong

Gee Reimer is the strongest person in the world and hates it. He gets more attention than he could ever want, from YouTube videos to crowds of people at school who want to be his friend. Gee feels completely alone until he meets Mike, who can teleport and turn invisible, and Alice, who doesn’t care that Gee has super strength. The Division of Exceptional Management wants to hire him as a superhero. And Cade, a super-manipulator of feelings, tries to force Gee to become a criminal. Gee doesn’t think he’s a hero or a villain. He just wants to be normal, but normal is no longer an option.


One Thing is Needful


One Thing is Needful is about my experience of focusing more on Jesus Christ. By changing my priorities, I have been able to find joy in what I have instead of always wanting more. Each chapter contains a biblical account, such as the stories of Mary and Martha, the ten lepers, and Noah, or the parables of Jesus Christ. In my discussion of different ideas, I tell many of my own personal experiences through the journeys of overwhelming motherhood, confusing mental health issues, unexpected moves to remote locations, and the relationships I have built with my family and friends.

Failure and the Joy of a Simple Life


I always had big dreams and lofty goals, encouraged by straight A’s and positive comments from teachers. But after I graduated from school, I was thrown into the real world and faced rejection as I discovered that my dreams were incompatible with reality. As I became a stay-at-home mother and started recognizing the worth of my mother, my grandmothers, and my friends, I discovered that my apparent failures were really a way for me to find success by living a simple life, without fanfare.