A meditation



Time moves forward, linearly progressing. After one breath, there comes another.

Your heart beats. After one beat comes another. And another, always moving.

And your thoughts move as well, one after the other.

Notice your thoughts.

While they may seem to jump around in distraction, they are always linear, one after the other after the other. Multiple thoughts don’t exist at the same time. And when the same thought comes back, it is really a different thought, in a new time and a new place.

But in the linear progression of life, we find a constant: YOU.

You are not a collection of thoughts and experiences. You are a single consciousness, aware of yourself and aware of an identity.

And in that identity is awareness of a higher power and of transcendental love.

Throughout all the many moments of life, you are loved.

And when you understand that YOU are loved, the linear nature of life becomes upward, progressing not towards pleasure or satisfaction, but towards that love, and towards the expansion of that love.

When you know you are loved, you will love and share that love.

Your thoughts will turn outward and upward, knowing there is a higher reason.

With love, your heart will continue to beat.

With love, you breathe.


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