16. How do I make life easier?

  • Pace myself. Don’t try to do everything all at once. Limit myself on what I do in a day. Realize things may take longer than I realize.
  • Do what I enjoy doing. Sometimes instead of doing what I half to do, it’s okay to do something that I really want to do.
  • Create and follow routines.
  • Simplify. Can I do something in an easier way?
  • Remember why I am doing something.
  • Focus on relationships instead of getting stuff done.
  • Call it good enough. Very few things in life need to be perfect.
  • Be okay with being sort of bad at something. Sometimes a pathetic effort is all that is required.
  • Let go of things that don’t matter. I need to eliminate things regularly.
  • Ask for help and let others do their part. I don’t need to be solely responsible to clean my house, for example.
  • Make things fun.

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