122. Who are the disadvantaged?

In school, there are standards for each grade about what a child should learn. But we all know that that’s not how things work: some kids are behind and some kids are ahead. There are so many reasons for kids to be off schedule. Genetics. Wealth. Family situations. Something that happened generations ago that still affects those children.

Sometimes we try to easily identify those that are at a disadvantage, such as minorities or groups who have historically been oppressed. But life isn’t that simple. Those who have difficult circumstances don’t always fall into easy categories.

So it can be difficult to realize, especially from a policy perspective, that some people from privileged categories, like white males, are at a disadvantage. Not because they are white males, but because of things like intergenerational poverty, or genetics, or health problems, or being raised in the wrong neighborhood, or family problems.

And some people who belong to categories that are not usually privileged might actually enjoy a huge amount of advantages in their life.

I think the point is to realize that everyone isn’t the same, and there is uniqueness in life. We need to help those that need help, to see who they are and where they are. We need to realize that there are a wide range of people who struggle in all different places and in all different categories.

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