132. Why is connection important?

Connection has been on my mind lately. Most of my goals are either about taking care of myself or in some way connecting with others. And I take care of myself so I can connect with others too.

I learn and create and work so that I can connect and hopefully improve others’ lives and improve my life too.

When I’m writing, it’s almost always some sort of connection. I connect to family members and friends; I connect with different versions of myself; I connect with strangers that can become friends.

I spend time with my kids; I visit family; I volunteer. And even when I’m working on my phone, I love the times that leads to conversation, and I’m hopeful that my home will be a place of connection.

This helps me when I feel lost and confused about what I need to do. When I’m worried about money or getting things done or achieving things, I forget that what makes me happy is connecting with others. And that can be just small connections with a few people. It doesn’t have to be big.

One thought on “132. Why is connection important?

  1. I randomly or probably more by divine design saw two people while shopping who were both preparing for a parent’s funeral. The love and kindness I was able to share and feel from them made the whole day of shopping worth it. Connecting is what it is all about.


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