We were putting on our masks to go to the grocery store. As we went to check out, we waited as the cashier sprayed down the register. Things are different now. I remembered how 9-11 changed how you fly on an airplane, and I thought that maybe certain things will always be a little different… Continue reading Change

A poem for Sunday

Blossoms floating in water

Blossoms bloom. Petals unfurl towards sunlight. I rarely notice until they are almost gone. Sometimes, I find the blooms sailing down to the water, floating and then washed away. Everything right in the world, because temporary blossoms keep coming back. Their demise brings fruit and that fruit brings more blossoms— years passing into lifetimes.

words headline lead sentence paragraph search make sense of jumbled pieces words to fit the world together google facebook new york times trying to get past paywalls what is happening what will happen millions of answers no answer sleeping searching wake and shut it down. words don’t exist noise recedes the pounding of needing to… Continue reading


Things are rough right now. Pandemics and earthquakes and economic uncertainty. We are looking at a recession and a health crisis and we are all stuck at home, isolated from normal life. I've been checking the news constantly, though I'm not sure what I am looking for--some way to understand this? Some morsel of hope… Continue reading Hope