39. How do I feel loved?

I feel loved when I recognize that I am a child of God and Heavenly Father loves me.

I feel loved when I remember my parents and everything they have done for me, and that they will continue loving me through hard times and good times.

I feel loved when I think of my family who likes to spend time with me and be with me just how I am.

I feel loved when I remember friends and family and neighbors who have shown kindness to me in so many small ways.

I feel loved when I remember how many people have said that they love me.

II feel loved when I accept and love myself, when I realize I don’t have to be perfect.

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  1. The last thought is so important and hard. We do see love when we are comfortable enough to love ourselves where we are at. Then we turn that love outward and it just keeps coming back. I feel loved in prayer.

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