I’m not that busy

I’m not that busy. I’m not too busy to respond to your text message. I’m not too busy to say hello. I’m not too busy to see how you are doing. I’m not too busy to say yes. I’m not too busy to visit and talk.

I can help you out. I can answer a question. I can show up. I can volunteer. I can play with you. I can hold you if you need comfort. I can smile. I can listen when you need to vent. I can offer advice when you’re confused about what to do. I can go and have fun with you.

I can laugh. I can create. I can learn.

I am not too busy with doing stuff. I have time for the people who are most important in my life: you. You matter. And I have time for you. I will make time for you. All that other stuff can wait.