A collection of thoughts

I think it’s dangerous to make simple issues complicated or to make complicated issues simple. We like to do a lot of both, but we should try to remember the complexity as it really is.


You don’t discover who you are as much as choose who you are. I think it’s dangerous to think you need to discover your true self. It’s a lot more useful to go and try things and choose what works best.


Sometimes we need to zoom out on the moments in our life. My kids might all be crying and complaining, but I don’t think I’ll really remember that. I’ll tell myself a completely different story about this time of my life in five or ten or twenty years.

We believe the stories we tell ourselves.


Do you remember what the internet used to be like? It was a whole bunch of information and text at one point, hand-coded html that was entirely simple. There was email and search engines and that was the internet. I sort of miss it. It’s so commercialized and manipulative now in some ways.

And then there was a time when the internet didn’t exist, and the computer consisted of word processing and games and programs (not apps, programs) that had specific purposes to help your life. In a way, I wish my kids could experience that. It seems simpler. But I suppose the technology we have is fine–today, they listened to music by telling a speaker what to do and they learned math by looking on my phone.

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