Common Chaos

I was at a friend’s house a few weeks ago and our kids were playing with each other. It was hot and her kids had gotten out the hose. She had a sliding glass door in the back, and it ended up that they sprayed the hose into the house.

It was a moment of chaos, but I have so many of those moments myself, so it felt so nice that I wasn’t alone. Sometimes we imagine that everyone has it together better than we do. But they don’t. We all have those moments of chaos, and it’s not something we need to hide. It’s something we can share, because we have all been there.

We have moments like these:

  • A kid punches his brother in the face
  • A toddler spills shampoo in the carpet
  • A kid drops and breaks a phone or a tablet
  • Every single toy in the entire house is not where it belongs
  • Dirty clothes get mixed up with clean clothes and they are all on the floor
  • We end up late and behind to important events
  • A kid throws up on vacation
  • Our kids cry for absolutely ridiculous reasons
  • We forget to respond to texts and messages
  • Everyone wants to talk to us at the same time
  • We lose a small child
  • Our kids are screaming or we are screaming
  • Disasters happen like huge messes and neglecting important things

Life gets messy and chaotic and we are all in this together. Sometimes it’s better to show someone your chaos because then they know that they aren’t alone.

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