The other day, I was making some phone calls. I have told myself that I don’t like talking on the phone and I thought that I wasn’t very good at it. But during this phone call, I paid attention for a minute and I realized that I am good at it. I was probably better at it than the person I was talking to, and she was getting paid.

For a lot of my life, I have dreaded making phone calls because I was afraid that I was going to say the wrong thing and have awkward moments. I had this in my head that I my brain would turn off when I was on the phone. But it doesn’t. I am perfectly capable of thinking during a phone call.

But because I haven’t had any confidence, that means my fear has caused the awkward moments I was afraid of. When you don’t have confidence, it’s really hard to do your best. You become a self-fulfilling prophecy and doom yourself to failure.

You interact with people better if you are confident in your own skills and happy with who you are. You exercise better when you view yourself as a strong person who enjoys exercising. You perform better if you know that you can perform well.

Confidence can be a really helpful thing to overcome fears and get things done. Just tell yourself that you are good at something. Even if you aren’t quite sure. Just pretend. And you usually will surprise yourself of your own capabilities.

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