4. What I am committed to?

What have I already committed to in my life?

  • I was married and I will spend my life and eternity with my husband, Dillon.
  • I got pregnant and will take care of my children for as long as they need me to.
  • I was baptized and promised to believe in God and follow his commandments.
  • I said I would write 150 blog posts between now and the end of the year.
  • I signed up to take the GRE test in September.
  • I reserved places to stay for my summer vacation.
  • I got a building permit to renovate my house.
  • And I have committed to try the best I can to become a better person. That means working on goals that improve my spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas of my life.

Sometimes commitment is hard, because things are scary and life can get difficult. Commitment means that I keep going, even when it is crazy difficult and life is uncertain.

Real commitment means that there is no need for a cancellation plan. When I more fully commit, I lock the escape door, get rid of the fire escape, and tear apart the life boats. I’m going down with the ship, even if it burns. I have no thought of escape; I am committed throughout it all.

I had ancestors that were so committed to what they believed that they gave their lives for it.

When things get hard, commitment means that I keep going anyway. That I just don’t agree to something when it is easy, but I agree when it hurts. I don’t quit; I don’t give up; I stay true to that which I value.

4 thoughts on “4. What I am committed to?

  1. Sometimes I think I’ve kind of failed at the commitment thing because I didn’t get the cancer drive done. Turned all the envelopes in but mine empty. (The list could go on of things I didn’t do) Now I realize not important. Being committed is choosing the most important things to be committed to. Your list was awesome.


  2. This is fun to think about. It’s also sometimes hard to realize you committed to something that you need to un-commit to. I think that writing out a list of commitments is a good idea, and then you can quickly see if they reflect your values and modify if needed.


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