24. Why do we take and share pictures?

I took about two weeks off of social media, and I logged back on to see a whole bunch of pictures people had shared of family reunions and life events.

And I remembered that when I was young, we didn’t take pictures to share immediately with other people. We took pictures to remember things. The only people who saw the pictures of our family vacations were our family.

I don’t think anything is necessarily wrong with sharing photos. It can be nice to see what people we love are doing with their lives.

But there have conversation where I’ve seen something on social media or someone else has seen something on social media, and it’s disappointing that we can’t share more genuinely. I get more pleasure telling a story about my life to a person than I do putting it out there on social media where the people I love may or may not see it.

I don’t know if I benefited much from seeing other people’s photographs. I would rather be with people and talk to people and interact with them.

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