51. How do I stand up for myself and what I believe in?

I find myself going along with the conversation sometimes, even when I don’t actually agree with things that are being said. I come home and complain about something that happened instead of bringing it up when I’m there. I find myself agreeing with opinions without really thinking about it. I apologize when I don’t need to, as if my presence is an inconvenience.

I don’t always know how to defend what I value, who I am, and what I believe in sometimes. I’m not confrontational, and I do try to blend in and go along with whatever is happening.

But sometimes I need to be a bit more brave. Instead of answering the questions, I need to challenge what questions are being asked. Instead of pretending to agree with someone’s point of view, I need to say that I disagree. Instead of floating down in the direction that someone else is pushing me on, I need to realize where I’m at, and get heading towards a better way.

I do not need to apologize for being, for thinking, for believing. I do not ever need to assume that who I am and what I believe needs to be hidden so that I do not offend someone else. I can be who I am, stand strong, and calmly let the world know where I stand.

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