60. How do I overcome depression?

Depression can be so incredibly painful. Sometimes I’ve been only mildly depressed; sometimes I just hurt all over and didn’t know how to continue onward.

I’ve had depression after having babies, after moving, in difficult life circumstances, and sometimes for no reason at all.

But I’m not depressed right now. How did I get through it?

First, I have to take are of my body. Getting enough sleep, eating right, drinking water, and exercising are all necessary. Also taking medication to help my brain chemistry has been essential for me.

Second, I know my worth. Every human being has inherent worth; depression likes to suck the worth out of you. But I know that I am a child of God, and that I am deeply loved.

Third, I learn to accept what I can’t change. I can’t change what has already happened. I can’t change how the world is. I can’t change the fact that I have made mistakes and that I will make mistakes in the future. But if I accept what is, then I can find happiness in the moment.

overcoming depression

One thought on “60. How do I overcome depression?

  1. Great question, with good answers. It is really difficult. When depression isn’t with you it is easy to know all the good things to help. When you are in it’s ugly shadow it feels almost impossible to believe that anything can be good. Keeping a sliver of hope even when it feels there is no hope, always enlarges and eventually things do get better, but oh it is hard.


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