72. Who is the audience for my life?

I watch YouTube videos or social media posts and people often share their lives to specific audiences: a group of friends and followers who have similar interests. Some people have rather large audiences; some of them are quite small.

If I were to teach a writing class, I would emphasize the importance of knowing the audience you are writing to. In this blog, I’m writing for myself and for a few family members and friends who drop by and read it. That means I have a lot of flexibility to say whatever I want. But writing to a specific, focused audience leads to better writing. For example, when you write a resume, you have to think of the people who will be looking at a resume–and then you have a much better chance of getting a job.

So many aspects of life have audiences. I am my own audience, often, having to live with myself, watching myself, and remember what I did. But my husband, my children, my extended family–they are often the audience of my life. My audience can include neighbors and friends and coworkers. Sometimes I think of ancestors and angels as my audience too.

And God is always there, watching.

I know there is this idea that you dance like no one is watching. But recognizing an audience makes living so much more intentional, and can help bring focus, purpose, and motivation for everything you do.

My main audience is my Heavenly Father, myself, and my children. My children are with me more than anyone else. They are watching; what message do I want to give to them?

When I have an audience, I can perform for them, reaching to be my best self and helping them in the process.

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