94. Is it ethical to own a second home?

In many areas, there aren’t enough homes to meet supply. In my community, a house that goes up for rent is rented out within a few days with nothing more than a sign posted out front.

I have considered at times that I could use my mountain home as a cabin or short-term rental and then live somewhere closer to the city. Many people do this. My county is so full of second homes that they literally have two different property tax rates: if your home is a primary residence, you get a huge discount.

There are so many homes sitting vacant while people struggle to figure out where to live. There are people overwhelmed with rent and mortgage payments while a few wealthy people enjoy having a second home just for fun.

I want this home I live in to remain a primary residence. I feel like this is the only responsible thing to do.

No one needs a second home. It’s a huge luxury, and it feels like one we can’t afford in our society right now. If all the rich people and all the investors would take those empty homes and open them up to people that need them, so many lives would be blessed and it would start to solve the affordable housing crisis.

One thought on “94. Is it ethical to own a second home?

  1. I had never thought of this before. Makes an even wider margin for the haves and the have nots.


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