97. What should I expect of myself?

Sometimes I think I have too high of expectations for myself, particularly when I’m planning. I think I can do twenty things in a day, even when it’s impossible. But it seems possible.

Then in the day-to-day decisions, I don’t always choose the right thing. I get lazy or distracted. I don’t meet my goals.

Do I need to change my own expectations of myself?

I want to push myself to work hard and make good choices. I don’t want to compromise that.

But the difference between my plans and my reality is very large sometimes. And I get discouraged.

Should I change my plans?

Should I keep my lofty goals and somehow figure out how not to get discouraged when I fail to achieve what I want?

Or should I just make better choices throughout my day so I’m not disappointing myself so much?

2 thoughts on “97. What should I expect of myself?

  1. I think our day-to-day decisions are always a bit less than we want them to be. But usually, the course of our life is progressing if we look at it from a larger scale. There’s a quote I read once that said we can do far less in a day than we usually think we can, but far more in a year.


  2. I just read something that said having too high expectations can really destroy happiness. He cautioned that we do need to expect good things or else we don’t accomplish anything. So the trick I think is finding the right balance


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