105. What was your favorite toy growing up?

My kids love Legos, tape, paper, boxes, Barbies, Pokemon cards, toy kitchen stuff, random building stuff, and a few action figures. They play boards and card games and jump on the trampoline.

Growing up, I mostly remember playing with stuffed animals and in the playhouse in the backyard. Lots of pretending. I collected teddy bears and my twin sister collected cats. My older sister collected koalas/Popples, my older brother liked chipmunks, my younger sister still has a large panda collection, and one of my younger brothers collected tigers. The other younger brother like Barney and dinosaurs.

So it was a thing in our household. My kids don’t quite get as attached and interested in stuffed animals. But they do have Barbies, and I wasn’t really allowed to have Barbies growing up. My mom didn’t like them being naked, which is fair, because almost all the Barbies I now own have built-in clothing.

I am surprised though that I didn’t play with Legos more when I was young. My brothers played with Legos, but I didn’t get interested in them until I was an adult. I only really like Legos when I’m following the directions and building exactly what I’m supposed to. So I can’t really touch them, since my kids just always make a mess of things.

What are your favorite toys?

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  1. Funny things about the stuffies, I thought in the beginning of motherhood they were kind of dumb toys. For our house kitty and teddy fun and stuffy basketball were the best. As a teenager I think my favorite was a deck of cards and my mom. Still love to play simple card games.

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