109. What is easy in your life right now?

I am most often focused on what is hard for me. I have a lot of stress and worry and things feel hard.

But until this evening, I’ve never asked myself what is easy for me right now.

And the list was encouraging, since some things I had struggled with are no longer a problem. And I remembered that I am actually good at some things.

What is easy for me?

  • Reading my scriptures every day.
  • Knowing that my kids are more important.
  • I have a good plan for the future.
  • I feel pretty settled about who I am.
  • I feel good with my faith right now.
  • Blogging every day is easy.
  • I’ve been doing well working on my house consistently with my husband.
  • Designing and planning my house.
  • I can type 100 WPM and do algebra really easily.

We take what is easy for us and immediately dismiss it, as if it’s insignificant. But a lot of people struggle with those things. A lot of times we have struggled with those things in the past.

So don’t discount what is easy for you. Recognize everything you’ve learned and the good choices you make. Stop thinking that everything in life is hard, because it isn’t.

And the easy parts can make the hard parts more possible.

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