114. What I am thankful for?

Every day for over 275 days now, I have been writing down what I’m grateful for in the app Presently. Usually it’s just a things things: my family, my home, something exciting happening that day.

On April 6, I was grateful for weather, sports, hiking, and my family.

On May 1, I was grateful for light, peace, sleep, animals, and plants.

On July 14, I was grateful for the temple.

On August 8, I was grateful for church, kids, family, and school.

On October 22, I was grateful for my children and who they are becoming, being able to help others, and family history.

Listing what I have been thankful for has been easy, actually. Even in difficult times, I am still extraordinarily blessed and fortunate.

Today, I am grateful for my kids, vulnerable conversations, improvement, and Thanksgiving.

One thought on “114. What I am thankful for?

  1. I love thinking of something to be grateful for every night. Sometimes it a simple sunset and sometimes it feels like an overwhelming amount of goodness and good people. I am thankful so much for family. They are just like a comfortable T-shirt. Always there to see you through.


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