116. How do I form a habit?

I was going to blog every day, but I quickly fell behind. For quite a while, I was not very consistent. But then I got better, and I feel like it’s a habit to just update my blog every day. So how did I create this habit?

Whenever I post a blog post, WordPress automatically emails me my post (since I follow my own blog). I was deleting these emails, but I realized I could leave them in my inbox until I wrote the next post. I keep my inbox clean, so I would be reminded of blogging whenever I checked my email.

I also follow myself on Feedly, and I would leave my own blog post unread until I wrote and finished the next one.

I don’t check my to-do list very often, but I do check my email and I check Feedly. So I was being reminded much more often of my blog posts.

And then, eventually, it became habitual and easy.

I think one of the important things is that the habit was in multiple places: it was on my to-do list, and my email, and another website, and my list of goals. I need that repetition for it to become habitual.

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