126. Do I need to make a big deal out of Christmas?

I usually feel guilty around Christmas time.

I can get presents for people, put up a fake Christmas tree, turn on some lights, and buy gingerbread house kits.

But Christmas is supposed to be focused on Jesus Christ and serving others, and to be honest, I struggle with making Christmas feel special in that way.

I feel like I do okay focusing on Jesus Christ and serving others on a day-to-day basis. But sometimes daily life feels like a lot (especially when you are doing a kitchen remodel), and doing more for Christmas time is hard.

I want to be able to serve other people and make this a good time for my children, but I don’t want to do it just because someone else tells me to and I feel guilty.

How do you serve others during Christmas time? Do you worry about making it a special time of year?

1 thought on “126. Do I need to make a big deal out of Christmas?”

  1. This is a hard question. I love Christmas, but not some parts of it. So I try to enjoy the parts I love. Helping others is a daily pursuit as needed. The best Christmas we can have is to serve 12 months not just one.


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