146. How is there so much good and so much bad happening at the same time?

The world is bigger than I realize.

I can look at all the really hard things that are happening in places–political instability and famine and natural disaster and disease. And not just in far away countries, but people who are not so far away and still struggle to survive.

But then there are so many good moments in life too. Babies being born, people laughing together, life progressing. There are people who accomplish so many good things in their lives, building and creating and finding joy.

Sometimes it is hard to accept all of the world as it is all at once. I know people who are deeply struggling and people who are having some of the best times of their life.

It’s complicated. But I think–in all of those bad moments, there are people trying to do good. There are small improvements, people who can help in small ways, forgiveness.

There is opposition, but that opposition allows people to stand up, become better, often refined in sorrow.

It’s not all good. But we can make it better.

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