149. What did I accomplish in 2021?

2021 was a weird year. I don’t feel like I really did as much as I wanted to. I sometimes struggle with focus and knowing what direction to go. But lots of good things still happened. Here are some of them:

  • I had an internship with FamilySearch.
  • Dillon got a new job in Salt Lake and stopped commuting from Moab.
  • I took the GRE and did well.
  • We went to Yellowstone and did a lot of fun stuff for summer break.
  • We remodeled our kitchen.
  • We passed our 4-way inspection.
  • We cut new doors and a window into our house.
  • I volunteered at the schools.
  • I joined a book club and started a writing group.
  • I did some data science classes.
  • I read 52 books.
  • We got ducks and geese and built them a house.
  • I got vaccinated.
  • I almost finished a new draft of my book.
  • I wrote lots of blog posts.
  • I did some tutoring online.
  • My kids did various activities and I supported them in that.

One thought on “149. What did I accomplish in 2021?

  1. It was fun to list some of the things I did last year. I think we will do more than we think we do.


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