Performing yourself

I recently went to a writer’s conference, and I sat in quite a few panels and classes. At one panel, we were told all about figuring out your audience and being aware of them as you write and market a book. At the next panel, we were told to be ourselves and to not worry too much about what other people think.

So do I write to an audience? Do I need to figure out who I am writing to? Do I need to change and tailor my words to fit into genre conventions?

Or do I write what I find fascinating? Do I just put myself out there and see who wants to listen? Do I write trying to create art instead of trying to sell books?

I don’t think I have answers to all of those questions. For a long time, I hated thinking about my audience. I just wrote. And to be honest, no one listened.

I’ve been trying to write more, but I’m writing again because I want to connect with other people. I don’t write a story down just because it’s a good story. I write it because I want to share it.

I can be myself, be genuine, and not really care what other people think. I don’t perform for an audience; but I do present myself to them.

I don’t need to change who I am and what I write to fit into conventions and to satisfy an audience. I don’t want to write for others as much as I want to write to others, connecting with an audience who may be interested in what I have to say.

Who is listening?

2 thoughts on “Performing yourself

  1. I’m listening. Haven’t thought much about writing audiences, other than wanting to share great spiritual insights with family, but then I realize they need to have their own to be meaningful. So I guess I mostly write just for me and that’s okay.


    1. I love the spiritual insight you share with family! I find when I’m thinking of others when I’m looking for spiritual insight, it helps bring the Spirit into my study more.


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