17. What are good ways to solve the world’s problems?

The Government Organization

How did we put a man on the moon? We created a government organization that employed extremely talented people that worked together in teams solving small problem after small problem until they figured out how to do it.

The Open-Source Crowd

How did we get a general, somewhat reliable source of information about just about anything on the internet? Someone decided that if there was an open encyclopedia that anyone could edit, eventually there would be quality articles written by professionals and experts. And so Wikipedia exists, and while it’s not reliable, it is still about the best place to go for background information on just about any topic. Writers and editors don’t get paid; people just put their heads together try to create something accurate and useful.

The Academics

How do we figure out how to execute monetary policy? There were a bunch of intellectual people who started to think and publish papers and books and in all that discussion, came up with some macroeconomic models that are used to determine how to set interest rates and control money supply.

The Nonprofit

How do we make sure that everyone can eat? People created food banks that give out free food to people who need it. Backed by donations and supported by volunteers, food banks use the kindness of others in order to help.

The Corporation

How do we communicate better with each other? Tech companies, working for a profit, created and improved email, online chats, video conference social networks, and more.

There are lots of ways to solve problems, and one way is not necessarily better than another. It depends on the problem, and many different organizations and systems can work together in order to create a better world.