Gratitude, Fear, and Perspective

Having less often means that you are more grateful. Isn’t that silly? I just heard Brene Brown talk about how when we are really happy and things are going really well, we usually are expecting something horrible to happen. We don’t let ourselves feel joy. We don’t let ourselves be truly grateful for the absolutely amazing things we have. It’s okay to be grateful. It’s okay that you have a lot and that you recognize that. Life is unfair–but sometimes that works in our favor, and we can recognize the absolutely amazing blessings we have.

Fear makes us do stupid things. I get scared of getting tired, and so I don’t do anything (and I feel tired). I get scared of being sick, so I don’t fully engage in life or take care of problems when they happen. I’m scared of talking to people, so I end up being super awkward. Fear isn’t rational. Fear doesn’t lead us down good paths.

Sometimes, it has been useful to me to zoom out on my life. We can get so stuck in avoiding those small moments of pain that we totally forget about the big picture. It’s good to remember the good picture: everything goes away. Right now is all we have.

One thought on “Gratitude, Fear, and Perspective

  1. Agree. I had a short conversation with a man at the VA.
    Man hi nice lady
    Me I noticed you pushing a wheelchair but no one is in it.
    Man I’m pushing myself I’m on dialysis you know how it is.
    Me actually gratefully I don’t but I’m sorry you do.
    Man it’s okay life is good right this second. I’m good.
    Me what a great attitude all we have are seconds.
    Man yep it’s all up here ( pointing to head)
    Me you’re right all we have is in it own head.
    Man yep that’s so we got. have a great weekend and stay out of trouble
    Me I’ll try but it might be hard (smiles all around)

    As I think of this man who chose happiness in the second I am inspired.


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