67. How do I get out of my own head?

I spend so much time stuck inside my head, worried about my own thoughts, and if I just took some of that energy and moved it outward, to live in my life instead of being trapped in my mind, I would be a lot happier.

I worry so much about the future and the past, about doing the right thing later or about regrets about not doing the right thing beforehand.

But today just exists right now. And I need to step outside my own head, get back to living.

Life hurts sometimes, and I do make mistakes, and I don’t live a perfect life. There are days full of problems and days when it’s hard to feel like there is purpose in life.

But purpose doesn’t come from having the right goals or being in the right mindset. Purpose comes when I stand still and notice the things that are already happening around me.

My life is not an isolated painting that waits for me as I choose out the right paints and paint on my canvas. Time keeps charging on, and there is messy interference and the world is not what I want it to be.

So my life is not about figuring out what to do, but about being able to exist in all the things that are around me, and I can slowly influence them, gradually growing and shaping happiness into the corners of what life has created for me.

One thought on “67. How do I get out of my own head?

  1. I hate when I get really caught up in my own “stinkin thinkin” Getting out can be hard. I liked this quote I read from Elder Maxwell that goes something like this, Repentance takes care of yesterday, Faith takes care of tomorrow and The Holy Spirt gets us through today. Feeling the Holy Spirit is really the best way to get out of our own head.


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