68. Does money really matter?

The unexpected happened today: I got in a car crash. It was sort of horrible, but I’m lucky. No one got hurt. Everyone was nice.

It was inconvenient and it will definitely be expensive, right when we’ve used most of our funds for home renovation expenses. Money problems can be overwhelming and stressful.

But I kept repeating to myself that everything that happened today could be fixed by money. And in a few years, I won’t even notice that we spent that money.

Money seems so weird sometimes. Sometimes you have to work so hard to get it. Sometimes you don’t work at all and the magic of stock returns can suddenly give you thousands of dollars that you didn’t have before.

So money does matter, because we need it to pay for things. But money is only good for that.

One thought on “68. Does money really matter?

  1. Funny I read this the same time I read Jacob 2 where he says that we will seek riches for the intent to do good. That is all money is good for really, to do good. Help our families, others, and make our life into something that serves others.


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