90. Do you like being scared?

Happy Halloween! Though I think we all agree that Halloween should never be on Sunday.

What am I afraid of? I get scared of advanced statistics, calling people on the telephone, talking to strangers, climbing ladders, cougars, and dark windows after watching scary movies.

I am not a thrill seeker. I don’t particularly like roller coasters or horror films or things like that.

But life would be boring if I wasn’t scared of anything. When I’m doing something I’m sort of scared of–venturing outside of my comfort zone–I feel more alive and excited.

So I do think I like being scared. But only sometimes.

One thought on “90. Do you like being scared?

  1. The only good thing about being scared is when it is over and you’ve accomplished something. I really don’t like feeling scared, but it is satisfying to make that uncomfortable phone call and get results. But doing things for “fun” just to be scared, nope not for me.


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