91. How do I make my marriage work?

When you combine two people from different backgrounds with different ways of living, it’s hard to build a good relationship.

Practically, marriage never works out perfectly. You are never fully compatible with someone else, and sometimes there is no way to adequately resolve differences. There are broken bits–small and large.

But we love. And the love can overwhelm the broken places and make it so that it doesn’t matter that things don’t always work out quite right.

I’ve had arguments and discussions without a resolution. We try to compromise and figure things out, but sometimes we just end up going to bed angry and upset.

And when we wake up, the problems are all still there, but in the mornings, we love each other more, and the problems don’t seem to matter as much.

One thought on “91. How do I make my marriage work?

  1. I love that you said you go to bed angry and wake up better. I know there is age old advice to never go to bed angry. But sometimes the problem is we are tired and unreasonable. A new day can solve many things.


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