118. What needs tuning in my life?

I recently played a very nice grand piano. It was beautiful, in a beautiful home. But when I sat down and played, I was surprised to find out that it was out of tune.

No matter how beautiful and expensive and high quality a piano is, it doesn’t sound good when it isn’t tuned.

Pianos need to be tuned regularly. Houses need to be cleaned. Relationships need to be nurtured.

Almost everything in life, no matter how nice it may be, needs regular maintenance.

Especially the things we love the most. And no matter how much we love them, we still need to take the time and get them tuned.

1 thought on “118. What needs tuning in my life?”

  1. Good thoughts. I think that would be a good question to ask quite regularly. I’m going to remember that, what needs tuning in my life?


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