119. What matters most at an event?

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and had some family over to eat it with me. We shared and ate and talked with each other. I enjoyed myself, and didn’t worry too much if everything was perfect. There was plenty of food, some of it was really good, some of it was adequate, but we all ate and had a good time.

I also planned a Christmas party with some other people, and a lot of the focus was on decorations, having things match, and making things look exactly right. I like those people, but I struggled in the meeting as I thought that none of these things really matter that much.

Food is the most important part of almost any party of event. If there is not enough food or the food isn’t good, there’s a problem. If the food is good, the event is good. Hungry people are generally unhappy people. Feed them with good food and they become happy.

Decorations and entertainment and music are all fine. But just get the food right, invite some people over, and everything else will fall into place.

One thought on “119. What matters most at an event?

  1. I think I can claim some credit for this. My feelings exactly. We do mission lunches, never decorations except for white paper on the tables. But we have good food and a good time.


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