128. What did I do today?

  • Assemble cabinets (Yes, I did two of them.)
  • Figure out paint colors (I think so.)
  • Clean my house. (Good enough.)
  • Clean my bathroom. (It’s cleaner than it was.)
  • Do dishes. (Dillon did them for me.)
  • Do laundry. (At least some of it’s folded.)
  • Take out the trash. (Yes.)
  • Take my kids to preschool and classes. (Yes.)
  • Feed myself and my children. (Yes.)
  • Send out Christmas cards. (Yes! I was going to do it simple this year, but I failed, and it became overly complicated and awesome.)
  • Finish editing a chapter of my book. (I at least worked on it.)
  • Write another blog post. (Yes! Here I am!)

I went to write this post and there were quite a few things that I hadn’t gotten to yet. I was tired and wanted to be done working for the day, but I felt guilty posting this when it was only 8:00 and I still had plenty of time to complete a few more things.

So I went off to clean the bathroom.

One thought on “128. What did I do today?

  1. Houses would be so much cleaner if we took the few minutes to be off to clean the bathroom. I new someone once who when I went to pick her up a little early she said oh you are early I had five minutes to sweep the floor. She had in her head how long simple tasks took and when she had a few spare moments she did them. She seemed to be really productive but yet very serene about it all.


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