129. Should I write articles for publication?

I like to blog on my own website since there are very few expectations. I’ve always thought a bit about doing more freelance writing work, but I’ve never actually pursued it much.

Why not? I’m not highly motivated by money or fame, for one thing. I’m also not self-motivated in some ways–when it comes to work, I sort of prefer that someone tell me what to do and then I do it, instead of trying to come up with everything myself. I am also uncomfortable with Interviewing people I don’t know.

And I have a hard time writing unless I am writing either about something I am super passionate about, or what just happens to be in my head at the moment.

There are other issues too, like I don’t know what to specialize in or write about, and I don’t have time and motivation in the right spaces.

So why would I write articles? Because I do like to write, and I could get paid and published. It makes sense in part of my brain, but another part doesn’t like the idea, and so I end up doing nothing.

One thought on “129. Should I write articles for publication?

  1. I think if we follow our heart the right things to do come forward. Because you asking the question it is something that under the right circumstances you will do.


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