130. What mistakes have I made while renovating?

We had to basically move a wall today. There wasn’t quite enough space in our kitchen, so we had to shift the framing on our bar/island/counter thing over a few inches.

We also started working on erosion control on our pond–we put in some t-posts and hog panels and then took them all out again because it was not working as we thought it would.

Our roof slope is wonky, and we could have had it straighter if I would have thrown my calculations out the window and just built it.

One time, a child turned on the light switch and there were sparks.

And we put up wood paneling in a hallway, only to discover that it warped with temperature changes, and so we basically have to rip it out and start over again.

So we’ve made big mistakes and lots of little mistakes, and we’re still going forward and just trying our best. It’s okay to make mistakes and to measure wrong and waste material and not have everything turn out okay. It’s good to just be trying in the first place.

One thought on “130. What mistakes have I made while renovating?

  1. Being brave enough to even attempt all the things you have is really a miracle. The Lord truly does bless effort.


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