I hate making mistakes. But in a way, mistakes are really awesome.

Sometimes accepting mistakes are the only way we get anything done in life. I have to make mistakes to learn how to do anything. If I’m going to play a piano song, I have to try it out and make mistakes. If I’m going to write a book, it’ll be filled with typos at first. If I’m going to build a house, there will simply be mistakes that happen.

A lot of mistakes can simply be fixed. But sometimes they can’t be.

There are mistakes I’ve made in my home renovation that are hidden and forgotten, but some of them I have to stare at every day and I can’t fix them. And some of the mistakes take a long time to fix.

I mess up so often. But instead of viewing my mistakes as stupid and horrible, sometimes I need to realize that they mean that I am trying.

If I say something awkward to someone, at least I said something. If my day doesn’t go according to plan, I least I had a plan.

I’ll keep trying.

One thought on “Mistakes

  1. I’ve literally dwelt for days on something stupid I said. Pretty sure most of the time the person I said it to doesn’t remember. Then there are the things I wish I wouldn’t have bought, or the time I didn’t spend well, on and on. I guess when we add it all up that is life. Moving on is about all we can do. And yes if we tried, we really did succeed. As our prophet said, the Lord loves effort.


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