Thoughts on being good enough

It’s so easy to think you aren’t good enough. Your to-do list never gets done. You have persistent habits you don’t like. You make mistakes. You gets harsh feedback. You have trouble focusing. You say the wrong things.

But the people who love you don’t just see your mistakes. They see you. They accept you, with all your flaws and your strengths. You are a person, and that means you are wonderfully complicated. You can’t be easily quantified into a rating of good or bad, likeable or not.

And it’s okay to recognize that you will not only make mistakes, but everything you do might be flawed in some way. Perfection is impossible, but humility can be a powerful force.

A woman gives the most amazing (though flawed) presentation even though she didn’t think she was any good at presentations. She showed up anyway, and blessed the lives of others.

A student gets a grade based on a rubric even though he has some of the most insightful comments in the discussions at class. He keeps trying to do every better.

A friend goes up, even though she is exhausted by health problems, and goes to visit someone she loves.

An artist, unsure of herself, posts a picture that she made that makes someone feel a little happier inside.

Those small moments matter.

A lot of your growth will come from the humility and vulnerability when you stop trying to be good enough, and you just show up with who you are.

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