In one of my classes, we’ve talked a lot about trust. We covered three basic account of trust:

  1. Trust is attributing good will to other people.
  2. Trust is about keeping commitments/contracts.
  3. Trust as an unquestioning attitude .

And I came up with my own version:

  • When you trust something or someone, you think it’s not dangerous and won’t harm you.

I was leading a class discussion and I asked two questions: what do you trust that you probably should not trust? And what should you trust that you probably should?

It was easier for us to find answers to the first question. Social media. Smart phones. Bureaucracies that don’t care about you. Grades.

But people didn’t really have an answer to the second. Here was my answer: People who love you, who have your best interest at heart, and who give you really good advice and feedback. And here’s another answer, that I couldn’t say in class: we often can trust God a whole lot more. We can not question his plan for our life, and trust that he will take care of us.

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