52. Why is consistency important and how do I become more consistent?

There are three things that I am very consistent about:

  1. I read my scriptures and say prayers every day.
  2. I shower every day.
  3. I got to church every Sunday.

The rest of my life, I’m not always that consistent. I think consistency is important, though. It’s a lot easier to do things all of the time than to do things some of the time. And consistency helps reduce worry and chaos and keep balance and productivity.

I’ve been trying to be more consistent about quite a few things: Exercising. Keeping the house clean. Not watching too many movies or checking social media too often.

I want to consistently spend quality time with my children and serve others.

I have a morning routine that helps keep my consistent: I started to write for 15 minutes every morning at the beginning of the year after I read my scriptures, exercised, and showered. I got a whole lot more writing done because of that.

But sometimes building consistency takes a lot of effort and patience, and I have to get back up and keep trying even though I’ve missed a few days. Sometimes I need to reanalyze when I do things, or why I’m doing them.

What helps keep you consistent?