Treat Everyone As Your Equal

At a writing conference, I asked a writer about advice on networking. And she said to treat everyone as your equal. There are certain situations you get it that have a hierarchy: at a writing conference, there are presenters and attendees. In college, there are teachers, graduate students, and undergraduates. Often, you are surrounded by… Continue reading Treat Everyone As Your Equal

Sidestepping Barriers through Positive Thinking

You might have some big barriers and walls in your way to accomplish what you would would like and what is right. In your relationships, maybe there is contention and incompatibility that seems insurmountable. In your goals, maybe you have bad habits that always seem to ruin your productivity. You might simply not have the… Continue reading Sidestepping Barriers through Positive Thinking

52. Why is consistency important and how do I become more consistent?

There are three things that I am very consistent about: I read my scriptures and say prayers every day. I shower every day. I got to church every Sunday. The rest of my life, I'm not always that consistent. I think consistency is important, though. It's a lot easier to do things all of the… Continue reading 52. Why is consistency important and how do I become more consistent?