Sidestepping Barriers through Positive Thinking

You might have some big barriers and walls in your way to accomplish what you would would like and what is right. In your relationships, maybe there is contention and incompatibility that seems insurmountable. In your goals, maybe you have bad habits that always seem to ruin your productivity. You might simply not have the… Continue reading Sidestepping Barriers through Positive Thinking

Comparative Advantages and Inequality in Marriage

Marriage isn't equal and fair. It's not about two people doing 50% of the work so it all gets done. In many ways, my husband is better than I am. He can have more energy, and can work longer and harder than I can (particularly in physical things). He remembers to rotate laundry and he… Continue reading Comparative Advantages and Inequality in Marriage

Running as fast as I can

I don't like to run. I did track in junior high, and my best event was the 400 meter, which is a horrible event. You have to run fast and long. (It is slightly better than the 800 meter.) I wasn't fast. And I don't like going on long runs. The longest I have ever… Continue reading Running as fast as I can

63. Is the pursuit of money worthwhile?

Here is the very unfair thing about money: If you have money, it's easy to gain more. If you don't have any, it's hard to gain any. I recently read John Green's essay about Monopoly from The Anthropocene Reviewed. He talks about the unfairness of Monopoly and how it relates to the unfairness of life.… Continue reading 63. Is the pursuit of money worthwhile?