Personal Experience vs. Reasoning

Pretend that you're a young college student, and you go into a class about the universe. And you learn about how massive the universe is and how much space there is. You learn that you can never travel faster than the speed of life. Your professor very convincingly argues that aliens can't exist--and even if… Continue reading Personal Experience vs. Reasoning

“Who Against Hope Believed in Hope”

There are many times in our life when we have circumstances that we don't understand and are less than ideal. There are so many struggles we might have: mental health, temptation, addiction, or less than ideal family circumstances. Why do we have to deal with those things? Where are the Lord's blessings? Why is his… Continue reading “Who Against Hope Believed in Hope”

Things that have helped me through doubt

Remembering good experiences Relying on my heritage and the faith of others Remembering what faith and hope is Continuing to obey the commandments Writing things down Doubt my doubts Realizing I don't have to have all the answers Embracing questions Serving others Seeking the wisdom of God Relying on love Knowing God loves me Priesthood… Continue reading Things that have helped me through doubt